GEMN Annual Meeting, Friday April 23, 2021

GEMN Annual Meeting to be held Friday, April 23, 11:45 a.m. Eastern
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Participants gathered for the 2019 Global Mission Conference in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

The Annual Meeting of the Global Episcopal Mission Network will be held online via Zoom at 11:45 a.m. Eastern time on Friday, April 23. This will be about an hour before the second-day session of the Global Mission Conference sponsored by GEMN, which is occurring for three hours on each of three days: April 22, 23 and 24.
All GEMN members are invited to attend and vote as needed. All interested attendees at the Global Mission Conference are also invited to attend the meeting. Both the Annual Meeting and the Global Mission Conference will have Spanish translation available.
The agenda of the meeting includes reports from GEMN President Titus Presler, GEMN Coordinator Molly O’Brien, Mission Formation Program Coordinator Holly Hartman, and Jenny Grant and Tatiana Hoecker of the Global Mission Digital Toolkit. Financial reports and the 2021 GEMN budget will be presented. A detailed agenda will be circulated before the meeting.
A slate of nominees for the GEMN Board will be presented. The GEMN Board consists of 12 members who serve three-year staggered terms, so four members are elected at each annual meeting, with members able to serve up to two three-year terms. Standing for re-election at this meeting are the Rev. Jean Beniste, rector of Christ Church, Waukegan, Illinois; the Rev. Jaime Briceño, recruitment and digital missioner at Bexley Seabury Seminary; and the Rev. Dr. Grace Burton-Edwards, rector of St. Thomas Church in Columbus, Georgia. A nominee is being recruited for the remaining seat. See the GEMN Board page for profiles of the current board members
The coronavirus pandemic prompted the cancelation of both the 2020 Global Mission Conference and the 2020 GEMN Annual Meeting. In that emergency, the terms of current Board members were extended by one year. 2021 therefore features the first Mission Conference and GEMN Annual Meeting since the 2019 conference held in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, in the spring of 2019.
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