Missionary Blogs

  • A Reflection on Spirit Animals in Advent
    I keep thinking about the San rock paintings we were privileged to see a couple of weeks ago. Of all the images painted there, the most dramatic, to me, were those of the San ... read more
    By: Amy Richter and Joe Pagano – South AfricaPosted: 2019-12-14
    12 hours ago
  • Year 2 begins
    My last sunset in the U.S. before boarding my flightI arrived back in the Philippines on December 2nd to start my second year. My ... read more
    By: Mitchel Bibelheimer – PhilippinesPosted: 2019-12-13
    2 days ago
  • Less Is More
    Got up. Drove to Colegio Anunciacion in Santiago. Dazzlement ensued as we saw the new covering over the play area/basketball court. Went inside. Had a light snack with coffee and juice. Watched students share multi-media ... read more
    By: Tom McGowan – Dominican RepublicPosted: 2019-12-12
    2 days ago
  • Al Amana Centre Winter Newsletter
    This week, Al Amana Centre released our Winter Newsletter. Keep reading for my reflection or click here to view the whole newsletter. Before arriving in Oman, I had only met Aaro and Justin for one ... read more
    By: Emma Wright – OmanPosted: 2019-12-12
    3 days ago
  • The Team Springs to Action
    Our education mission team is a no-nonsense bunch. With Joe and Cindy in the country less than 24 hours, we went across town this morning to Colegio San Andres to learn more about efforts to ... read more
    By: Tom McGowan – Dominican RepublicPosted: 2019-12-10
    5 days ago
  • A Tale of Two Advents
    Commissioning the Missionaries at Holy Cross Monastery June 2019As I prepare alongside Christians across the world for the coming of the Christ Child, ... read more
    By: Marilee Oldstone-Moore – South AfricaPosted: 2019-12-09
    5 days ago
  • All’s Quiet at the Seminary Front
    I’m reaching for these titles, I admit it for the record. Every old movie I’ve seen with a catchy name and about every book that I had to read to graduate from high school is ... read more
    By: Tom McGowan – Dominican RepublicPosted: 2019-12-08
    6 days ago
  • Thanks-Giving Reflection
    Last night, I went to the movies with one of my Omani friends to see Frozen 2 (and yes it was amazing!!!!). While we were waiting for the movie to begin, I started telling my ... read more
    By: Emma Wright – OmanPosted: 2019-11-28
    2 weeks ago
  • THANKSGIVING THOUGHTS: The bad, but also the very good
    I am at home in Kalispell, Montana. It is really pretty wonderful to be here with my husband, Donnel.    I have missed him, a lot, so the companionship is great!
    read more
    By: Donnel and Janet O’Flynn – HaitiPosted: 2019-11-27
    2 weeks ago
  • Presenting our new academic staff!
    I am happy to say that we have four new positions for teaching staff, and three have been filled!  I would like to introduce our new Vice-Dean, Mme Cécile Auguste; our new  Coordinator of  Academic Affairs, Mr Jorel Simplice; and our new Clinical Coordinator, Mr ... read more
    By: Donnel and Janet O’Flynn – HaitiPosted: 2019-11-06
    1 month ago
  • Sorry it’s been a while…
    Hello Everyone! First, my apologies for the long period between blog posts. I have been wonderfully busy with short-term programs. Since my last post, we have hosted a group from Nigeria, a women’s group, and ... read more
    By: Emma Wright – OmanPosted: 2019-11-05
    1 month ago
  • Sermon: Pray…then Act
    St. Alban’s Mission, Antigua, GuatemalaThe Rev. Brian GregoryOctober 20, 2019Church Year C: The 19th Sunday after PentecostGenesis 32:22-31, Psalm 121, 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5, Luke 18:1-8 Good morning. It has been a couple of months since ... read more
    By: Brian Gregory – GuatemalaPosted: 2019-10-24
    2 months ago
  • Make It Easier to Achieve Your Goals
    What makes a hard task easier? What makes it easier to meet a deadline? What makes something daunting seem a little less scary? Sometimes it helps to put yourself in a place where it’s easier ... read more
    By: Amy Richter and Joe Pagano – South AfricaPosted: 2019-10-17
    2 months ago
  • A New Normal
    It is hard to believe we have been in Guatemala for more than a month now. Our first week and a half was spent taking a bit of time getting settled (yes, there is privilege ... read more
    By: Brian Gregory – GuatemalaPosted: 2019-09-17
    3 months ago
  • Return to Tanzania delayed to March 2020
    Hi everyone, I am sorry to share that I’m not returning to St. Philips in Tanzania this month. I developed four (4) skin abscesses in August due to an infection. They were all removed by ... read more
    By: Peter Bak – TanzaniaPosted: 2019-09-16
    3 months ago