Our Story

The Global Episcopal Mission Network (or GEMN) is people working together to discern God’s call to be the face of Christ in the world. GEMN began in 1995 as a consortium of Episcopal dioceses interested in fostering and maintaining a strong missional presence in the Episcopal Church. In recent years, membership has been opened to invite any individual, congregation, seminary, diocese or organization with a passion for mission, within or beyond the Episcopal Church.

GEMN exists to equip and encourage global mission in the Episcopal Church. We create a space for people to exchange ideas and best practices, offer global mission education, and provide resources to those who are exploring their call to engage in mission. GEMN’s major initiatives include:

  • An annual Global Mission Conference, including high-quality keynote speakers, insights from experienced missioners, opportunities for networking, workshops, site visits, mission organization presentations, and other resources to the mission community;
  • Global Mission Training, including our Global Mission Formation Program for Global Mission Agents, designed for those engaged in or thinking about engaging in mission, and for those who would like to bring global mission training to their own local area; and
  • Global Mission Resources that include mission planning materials, bibliographies, mission financing strategies and more.
  • Global Mission Advocacy and Networking to keep global mission at the forefront of our church’s dialogue and to connect those seeking a way to live out God’s call to mission engagement.

Our Conferences

Our annual Global Mission Conference (formerly called the “Mission Education Institute”) has been a core initiative of GEMN since 1996, creating a dedicated space for gathering mission-minded dioceses, church members and mission organizations to learn, discern and exchange best practices for global mission engagement. Recently, we have been committed to holding some of our conferences (every third year) outside of the continental US, including Colombia, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic:

Our past conferences:

  1. June 1996 – Nashville, TN
  2. April 1997 – San Antonio, TX
  3. May 1998 – Ellenton, FL
  4. April 1999 – Denver, CO
  5. October 2000 – Fort Mitchell, KY
  6. June 2001 – Los Angeles, CA
  7. June 2002 – Alexandria, VA
  8. June 2003 – Boise, ID
  9. June 2004 – Austin, TX
  10. June 2005 – Indianapolis, IN
  11. June 2006 – Gambier, OH
  12. June 2007 – Monteagle, TN
  13. June 2008 – Held in conjunction with “Everyone, Everywhere” – Baltimore, MD
  14. May 2009 – Burlingame, CA
  15. June 2010 – Alexandria, VA
  16. October 2011 – Held in conjunction with “Everyone, Everywhere” – Estes Park, CO
  17. May 2012 – Ivoryton, CT
  18. May 2013 – Bogota, Colombia
  19. May 2014 – Seattle, WA
  20. May 2015 – Atlanta, GA
  21. May 2016 – Ponce, Puerto Rico
  22. May 2017 – Nauvoo, AL
  23. April 2018 – Alexandria, VA
  24. April 2019 – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  25. April 2020 – Indianapolis, IN – CANCELLED, Due to Covid-19 Pandemic