The Rev. Eric Law Plenary Address and Workshop – May 2014

The Rev. Eric Law, author, consultant and workshop leader, shared his insights on abundance in his plenary address, “Holy Currencies”:

  • Eric challenged us to “think of God’s word like water: it should maintain us, and we should be rejuvenated if we do ministry right…” Similar to water, we need to be circulating resources so that we are rejuvenated in the process.
  • He pointed out that currency is something that is in circulation as a medium of exchange. Money is a temporary currency of exchange, and WE determine its value; the value of money does not define US. For it to be of value, currency needs to flow; we can’t hold onto it.
  • Eric engaged us in an interesting exercise in which we received a stack of “currency” (bookmarks) and then went around the room. Whenever we met someone with fewer than we had, we would give until they had more than we did. We discovered that we could not give all of our currency away without another person giving us more – a flowing, circulating, dynamic abundance.


Handouts from Eric Law’s plenary and workshop: