Missionary Blogs

  • THANKSGIVING THOUGHTS: The bad, but also the very good
    I am at home in Kalispell, Montana. It is really pretty wonderful to be here with my husband, Donnel.    I have missed him, a lot, so the companionship is great!
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    By: Donnel and Janet O’Flynn – HaitiPosted: 2019-11-27
    2 months ago
  • “We thank God . . .”
    A phrase we heard over and over during our visit to Msalato Theological College in Dodoma. Where we might just report that something happened, people at the college said, “We thank God” for this thing ... read more
    By: Amy Richter and Joe Pagano – South AfricaPosted: 2019-11-09
    3 months ago
  • Sorry it’s been a while…
    Hello Everyone! First, my apologies for the long period between blog posts. I have been wonderfully busy with short-term programs. Since my last post, we have hosted a group from Nigeria, a women’s group, and ... read more
    By: Emma Wright – OmanPosted: 2019-11-05
    3 months ago
  • Sermon: Pray…then Act
    St. Alban’s Mission, Antigua, GuatemalaThe Rev. Brian GregoryOctober 20, 2019Church Year C: The 19th Sunday after PentecostGenesis 32:22-31, Psalm 121, 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5, Luke 18:1-8 Good morning. It has been a couple of months since ... read more
    By: Brian Gregory – GuatemalaPosted: 2019-10-24
    3 months ago
  • Meanwhile
    My first novel, Antimony, has been published! My wonderful mentor when I was a curate (newly ordained clergy person assisting the rector of a parish), the Rev. Richard J. Kirk, told me it is ... read more
    By: Amy Richter and Joe Pagano – South AfricaPosted: 2019-10-05
    4 months ago
  • A New Normal
    It is hard to believe we have been in Guatemala for more than a month now. Our first week and a half was spent taking a bit of time getting settled (yes, there is privilege ... read more
    By: Brian Gregory – GuatemalaPosted: 2019-09-17
    4 months ago
  • Return to Tanzania delayed to March 2020
    Hi everyone, I am sorry to share that I’m not returning to St. Philips in Tanzania this month. I developed four (4) skin abscesses in August due to an infection. They were all removed by ... read more
    By: Peter Bak – TanzaniaPosted: 2019-09-16
    4 months ago
  • ¡Hasta Pronto!
    Before leaving Puerto Rico on July 31st, I said farewell to those I worked so closely with at the Diocesan office this past year. We were able to gather to share a few words over ... read more
    By: Lydia Pendleton – Puerto RicoPosted: 2019-08-08
    6 months ago
  • Sharing the latest news about Hope and Resurrection Secondary
    Suzanne Hicks and Panda speaking about Hope and Resurrection SecondaryI am excerpting some of the latest Hope for Humanity newsletter. There is good ... read more
    By: Jim and Mary Higbee – TanzaniaPosted: 2019-07-01
    7 months ago
  • Pete is home!
    Hi everyone, Pete’s friend and website admin Holly here. Pete is home in RI, safe and sound. Please give him a couple days to rest before texts and emails. We appreciate your prayers and support! ... read more
    By: Peter Bak – TanzaniaPosted: 2019-06-13
    7 months ago
  • Boom
    Author, anthropologist, and artist Ali Qleibo stands at Damascus Gate on the second Saturday of Ramadan, on the way to the Centre for Jerusalem Studies to begin his lecture and walking tour of the Muslim ... read more
    By: Della Wager Wells – JerusalemPosted: 2019-06-04
    8 months ago
  • Caminata Da Vida with Raymond Arrieta
    Live from Guánica, PR on Wednesday May 29th, 2019, members of the Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico Communications Team (including myself, Samairy Soto, and Rvdo. P. Edgar Giraldo) covered the 11th annual Caminata Da Vida ... read more
    By: Lydia Pendleton – Puerto RicoPosted: 2019-05-30
    8 months ago
  • Sad but not defeated
    I write with the shocking news that on May 26, Charles Kule Mitsagharu and Willis Binsiima, Ugandan math teachers at ... read more
    By: Jim and Mary Higbee – TanzaniaPosted: 2019-05-30
    8 months ago
  • Court decision in Edwardes College controversy favors church’s authority, so resolution may be near
    All friends of the Christian community in Pakistan and friends of Edwardes College and the Diocese of Peshawar are gladdened by the news that the Peshawar High Court has, in response to a suit filed ... read more
    By: Titus Presler – PakistanPosted: 2019-05-17
    8 months ago
  • Penultimatum
    In these last three weeks of my fellowship in Jerusalem, I recognize that there are many things that I am seeing, doing, eating and even saying for some of the final times. Not ... read more
    By: Della Wager Wells – JerusalemPosted: 2019-05-11
    9 months ago