For many, a short-term mission trip is where a call to step further into mission begins. Whether it is a for week or a month, partnering with churches, missionaries, or mission organizations with established roots in communities around the world can be transformative for all involved if planned and executed carefully.

Here are some great places to begin thinking about and preparing for a short-term mission trip


Did you know that most Episcopal dioceses in the United States have companion relationships with dioceses around the world-wide Anglican Communion. If you are looking for an established relationship to leverage for your short-term mission trip, try contacting a diocese that has a relationship with the region or country you are hoping to visit.

You can find companion relationships here.


There are a number of independent mission organizations connected with the Episcopal Church doing wonderful work around the globe. Many of these organizations welcome individuals and teams to join them in their work and learn about their mission context for shorter periods of time. 

You can find independent mission organizations here.


While remarkable transformation and learning can happen through short-term mission trips, they are not without pitfalls.

Is your mission team getting in the way of reconciliation in a global mission encounter? Are you focused more on tangible projects or results than relationships, theological reflection, and learning? Is your mission trip disconnected from the life and mission of your sending community?

These are all things that can get in the way of transformative and meaningful short-term mission. Take a look at our resources to help you plan a thoughtful and theologically grounded short-term mission trip.