Make This the “Year of Global Mission”

The Global Mission Challenge

Episcopalians have gifts that the world needs. Global mission engagement has never been more important, especially as we face the challenges of inequality, climate change, and inter-religious conflict in the 21st century. GEMN wants to ignite more global mission engagement than ever before. You can help us to re-energize and re-imagine our strong tradition of Episcopal mission engagement that reflects the light of Christ throughout the world. Here is how you can make this “The Year of Global Mission”:

Step 1: Join GEMN

Together as a network we can do far more than we can as discrete individuals. Your GEMN membership does more than just fund our organization, it makes you part of a like-minded community that supports, encourages and empowers us all. Individual and organizational memberships have been discounted, and individual memberships are just $35.:

Step 2: Plan a Mission Trip for this Year

Mission Opportunities 2016
The surest way to engage in global mission is to “just do it”. Make this the year that you step out in mission. If this is your first trip, many of our GEMN Partner Organizations provide structured mission experiences that will help you to get your feet wet. Click on the Mission Opportunities document (PDF) to get started.

Step 3: Join or Create a Diocesan Global Mission Community

Titus Presler

  • Many dioceses have an established mission commission or roundtable just waiting for you to get involved! They will welcome your fresh energy and enthusiasm.
  • If your diocese does not have a group already in place, why not start one? Most dioceses have individual churches or organizations that are active in mission, but there is real power in creating a forum for those groups to collaborate and share their experiences or ministries.
  • Hold a Global Mission Resource Day and invite mission-oriented churches and organizations to present workshops on their ministries.
  • Encourage your diocese to join the GEMN network with a Diocesan Membership. Member dioceses receive discounted seats at our conferences and are urged to send representatives who can bring back training and resources to their diocese, deanery or congregation.
  • Need some help getting started? GEMN has Consulting Services available to dioceses and diocesan mission leaders who would like advice and guidance in establishing global mission programs in their diocese. Email us at for more information.

Step 4: Hold a Missionary Discernment Day

Mission-Discernment-Process_Page_1It is critical to our common global mission engagement that every diocese have the tools to encourage, nurture and support those who are discerning a call to global mission or are currently in a long-term (one year or more) missionary placement. You may want to consider using our Process for Discerning a Call to Global Mission (PDF) in creating a curriculum or program for your congregation or diocese. Invite people annually or semi-annually to enter an intentional process to discover a call to mission engagement, particularly as a long-term missioner.

Step 5: Attend Our Next Global Mission Conference

Attending a GEMN Global Mission Conference is the fastest way to connect with other leaders in the global mission community, learn about best practices, and participate in mission-related workshops and education programs. Our 2017 GEMN Global Mission Conference will be held May 25-26 at beautiful Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, AL.  The theme of the conference is “Reconciliation: God’s Mission-and Ours”.  Keynoters will include Bishop Mark MacDonald, Indigenous Bishop of Canada, and The Rev Canon Paul-Gordon Chandler of CARAVAN, as we explore themes of reconciliation in mission. We will also offer practical workshops on how to lead mission trips, plan budgets, build partnerships and mission nuts-and-bolts. More information and registration will be available on our 2017 Conference Page.

Step 6: Adopt a Missionary

Missionary Blogs PageMissionaries need our love, encouragement and support. Most of them must provide their own funding to support their mission and ministry. You can make a huge difference to a missionary in the field by dedicating yourself to supporting him or her this year. Visit our Adopt-a-Missionary Page for information on how you can support a missionary through prayer, emails, and financial help.

A great way to get to know our missionaries in the field is to check our Missionary Blogs Page. Missionaries are sharing their day-to-day triumphs and challenges as they live out their faith, and this is a great way to get to know them. Click on the image to see the latest blog feeds from missionaries living all over the world.

Step 7: Don’t Forget! Become a GEMN Member Today and Take the Global Mission Challenge!


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