Get Involved In Global Mission

The Global Episcopal Mission Network is passionate about education, training and support for those new to mission as well as for those with prior experience in mission who want to take the next step in mission leadership.

Global Mission Training:

These programs are designed to be educational opportunities for developing skills and competence in mission engagement.

Long-Term Mission:

If you are interested in longer-term mission opportunities, there are two outstanding programs administered by the Episcopal Church Center to get you out in the field.

Missionaries currently in the field need your prayers and your support, both financial and spiritual. One way that you can do this is to “adopt” one or more long-term missioners by including them in your prayers, following their blogs, or pledging financial support.

Share Your Global Mission Discernment:

As a community of discernment, we are always eager to hear your “take” on where God is leading us in global mission.  Have you had an answer to prayer, a call to the mission field, a new and innovative mission partnership, a ministry that is turning in a unique direction?  Do you have hard-won words of advice and/or encouragement when things did not go as planned?  What is your experience with accompaniment, with asset-based community development, with relationship-building?

Please share your global mission discernment with us:

Buy Carbon Offsets:

Are you concerned about the environment?  Check out this unique partnership between the Diocese of Olympia and the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines.  Through this joint program, you can offset your carbon usage by donating to a reforestation project in the Southern Philippines.

See our Carbon Offsets page for more information.

Partner with GEMN to Transform Our World Through Global Mission:

GEMN is working to recruit and empower mission-minded individuals, churches, dioceses and organizations. Your tax-deductible contribution in any amount funds global mission education, training, resources and advocacy efforts throughout the nine provinces of the Episcopal Church.  Help us to Proclaim, Inspire, Ignite the Joy of God’s Mission!

Proclaim, Inspire, Ignite the Joy of God's Mission