Missionary Blogs

  • What is It? Manna?
    Joe and I were out for a walk. People are staying at home, as we should, but allowed out for exercise if we keep appropriate distance from others. There was no one else around, so ... read more
    By: Amy Richter and Joe Pagano – South AfricaPosted: 2020-04-06
    3 days ago
  • The new normal
    Pandemic.  Covid 19.  Social and/or physical distancing.  The stalled economy.  I have no new or creative thoughts to share on these topics.  That being said, I encourage anyone reading this to look elsewhere for public ... read more
    By: Mitch Honan – HaitiPosted: 2020-04-02
    1 week ago
  • Meanwhile . . .
    I am hunkered-down in Lincoln, Nebraska, observing the many new ways of doing things that the Coronavirus pandemic has forced upon our many school systems. Face-to-face instruction indefinitely postponed; athletics suspended; even standardized testing has ... read more
    By: Tom McGowan – Dominican RepublicPosted: 2020-03-31
    1 week ago
  • What’s In My (Shopping) Bag?– COVID-19 Lockdown Edition
    Hello all! As you may already know, last night South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa announced a 21 day national lockdown starting on Thursday. This means that almost everything is shutting down, and I’ll be required ... read more
    By: Marilee Oldstone-Moore – South AfricaPosted: 2020-03-24
    2 weeks ago
  • Pete is Home (in quarantine)
    Hello everyone, This is Pete’s friend and website admin Holly. Pete came home early from Tanzania due to the coronavirus. Pete has been traveling since early Friday morning, and is now finally home, in quarantine ... read more
    By: Peter Bak – TanzaniaPosted: 2020-03-22
    3 weeks ago
  • Things Are Chaotic, but I’m Doing Fine
    Up through this past weekend, my life in South Africa was mostly unaffected by COVID-19. But now, life here is shifting dramatically. We only just broke 100 confirmed cases yesterday, but as early as Sunday ... read more
    By: Marilee Oldstone-Moore – South AfricaPosted: 2020-03-19
    3 weeks ago
  • March Updates
    Hello Everyone! I apologize (once again) for the long gap between blog posts. First, let me assure you that I am healthy, happy, and safe here in Oman. Like much of the world, we are ... read more
    By: Emma Wright – OmanPosted: 2020-03-18
    3 weeks ago
  • Can’t Go Over It, Can’t Go Under It
    It’s been a little while since I’ve checked in. I’ve delayed writing this post for days now, leaving it undone from my daily to-do list each day. My hesitation is not because things are bad, ... read more
    By: Marilee Oldstone-Moore – South AfricaPosted: 2020-03-05
    1 month ago
  • The children
    The children make life here so pleasant when things are so tough all around them. Many times the eldest girl takes care of the younger siblings in the family. In this picture the girl has ... read more
    By: Peter Bak – TanzaniaPosted: 2020-03-04
    1 month ago
  • First week in Tanzania
    Hello everyone, It’s good to be back here at St. Philips Theological College. Here is some of what I’ve been doing.Pete is wearing ... <a target=read more
    By: Peter Bak – TanzaniaPosted: 2020-02-26
    1 month ago
  • Workshops are equal draw at Earthkeeping mission conference on planetary crisis
    The ‘Earthkeeping: Creation Care in Global Mission’ conference at Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis, April 29-May 1, has a terrific set of plenary speakers in Katharine Jeffers-Schori, Leon ... read more
    By: Titus Presler – PakistanPosted: 2020-02-23
    2 months ago
  • Preparation
    South Africa is currently going through ‘load shedding,’ planned rotational blackouts throughout the country to prevent the power grid from collapse. Load shedding was introduced by Eskom (South Africa’s power company) in 2008 and has ... read more
    By: Amy Richter and Joe Pagano – South AfricaPosted: 2020-02-20
    2 months ago
  • Shock Value
    I’ve delayed a bit in creating my final blog post but am now sitting down to write you all an electronic letter. I am back in Nebraska, but have my 2 last days in the ... read more
    By: Tom McGowan – Dominican RepublicPosted: 2020-02-19
    2 months ago
  • The DDG Rides Again . . .
    Many Dominican Development Group (DDG) members arrived in Santo Domingo late Sunday night . . . or was it Monday morning early? Anyway, the decision was made to delay our meeting a bit Monday morning ... read more
    By: Tom McGowan – Dominican RepublicPosted: 2020-02-11
    2 months ago
  • Awesome Anna and the American-made Peace Plan
    Today we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord ... read more
    By: Della Wager Wells – JerusalemPosted: 2020-02-03
    2 months ago