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  • Reflection on the Day of Reflection, altered by Trump’s insulting words
        The Day of Reflection in Haiti is a day to remember those who died in the earthquake, the 12th of January, 2010.  At least 300,000 Haitians died instantly. It’s a national holiday. At… ... read more
    By: Donnel and Janet O’Flynn – HaitiPosted: 2018-01-13
    6 days ago
  • Follow Jesus. New Beginning. All People.
    Follow Jesus. New Beginning. All People.Sermon for January 7, 2018Baptism of Jesus (First Sunday after the Epiphany)Church of the Advent, CincinnatiMark 1:4-11AUDIO HEREOur own Nativity creche here at Advent, with Magi watchingIf the Gospel I… ... read more
    By: Charles Graves – ItalyPosted: 2018-01-08
    2 weeks ago
  • Epiphany Dawns
    The following is my article for the January 2018 edition of the Church of the Advent parish newsletter.2018 - It’s the dawn of a new year on our global calendars, even though for us in… ... read more
    By: Charles Graves – ItalyPosted: 2018-01-01
    3 weeks ago
  • ADVENTures
    Christmas-time in Tanzania doesn’t really feel like Christmas.  People don’t decorate much, there are no big carol services, no one has real plans or Christmas parties, and the weather is nowhere near your typical White… ... read more
    By: Sarah Anderson – TanzaniaPosted: 2017-12-17
    1 month ago
  • GIFTS! All KINDS of gifts!
    I have some good news to share!  Due to the great generosity of FSRL supporters, the students will be supported and the bills paid all the way to the end of 2017.  Hallelujah! Now I… ... read more
    By: Donnel and Janet O’Flynn – HaitiPosted: 2017-12-15
    1 month ago
  • Gifting-giving at its best
    What if you could give a meaningful Christmas gift to someone who does not need more stuff? As Jim and I leave Tanzania, we would like to raise money to support three of St. John’s… ... read more
    By: Jim and Mary Higbee – TanzaniaPosted: 2017-12-13
    1 month ago
  • Dance, come on!
    This past month alone, I’ve taken about 5 overnight trips to various communities in our diocese. They’ve all been enlightening and engaging and I want to tell you about one in particular. Two weeks ago,… ... read more
    By: Caroline Sprinkle – PhilippinesPosted: 2017-12-11
    1 month ago
  • Look around
    I am a person who likes to stay busy.  If I’m idle for too long, I start to feel restless and a little useless honestly.  In college, I filled my time with school, church, friends,… ... read more
    By: Sarah Anderson – TanzaniaPosted: 2017-12-10
    1 month ago
  • What am I leaving in Tanzania and what am I taking?
    Grace and I at the teacher meeting and training.We are taking many good memories and connections to people who will remain in our lives via email. We feel appreciation for the hospitality of Grace and… ... read more
    By: Jim and Mary Higbee – TanzaniaPosted: 2017-12-05
    2 months ago
  • One More Year: A short story about God’s call to us and how to answer
    Surprise! On December 12th,  I'll be returning to San Jose to serve the Diocese of Costa Rica.I will be helping with of the church's newest projects to help at-risk youth in impoverished communities. They are… ... read more
    By: Lexy Fields – Costa RicaPosted: 2017-11-27
    2 months ago
  • Happy THANKSgiving
    First things first, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! I know Thanksgiving is only an American holiday and right now there is a current debate to whether or not we should even celebrate Thanksgiving… ... read more
    By: Eleanor Duncan Campbell – Costa RicaPosted: 2017-11-23
    2 months ago
  • It’s the little things in life, like time.
    Facebook has many pros and cons, but one pro I’ve grown to appreciate is the “On this day… how ever many years or months ago… this happened.” Well on November 15th my Facebook alerted me… ... read more
    By: Eleanor Duncan Campbell – Costa RicaPosted: 2017-11-18
    2 months ago
  • From Santiago to Tabuk!
    Hello lovely people! These past few weeks have been super busy, but here are a few things I’ve been doing lately in Santiago, Tabuk, and surrounding communities: As I mentioned before, I am focusing on… ... read more
    By: Caroline Sprinkle – PhilippinesPosted: 2017-11-03
    3 months ago
  • Brechó
    In the youth group, we spend a lot of time planning and coming up with all sorts of ideas about what we want to do, how we want to do it, and when we should… ... read more
    By: Jourdan Johnson – BrazilPosted: 2017-11-01
    3 months ago
  • Feb-Mar ’17: Month 1 in South Africa.
         My first month in South Africa was very eventful! I learned how to drive stick shift (was really difficult at first), I started volunteering in the Rhodes University Wind Ensemble, and made friends… ... read more
    By: Charles Merchant – South AfricaPosted: 2017-11-01
    3 months ago

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