Board of Directors

New Board 2015

Our Board of Directors consists of twelve board members, elected at our Annual Meeting from all parts of the Episcopal Church, each serving a three-year renewable term. Class year designates the term limit of each board member.

GEMN’s  Board of Directors 2017 – 2019:

Class of 2017:

The Rev. Holly Hartman [Secretary], Diocese of Massachusetts
The Rev. David Kendall-Sperry [Treasurer], Diocese of Ohio
Mrs. Gini Peterson, Diocese of Atlanta
The Rev. Canon James Williams [Chaplain], Diocese of Colorado/
Diocese of Matlosane, So. Africa

Class of 2018:

The Rev. Dr. James Boston [President], Diocese of Oregon
Mr. William Kunkle, Diocese of Southwest Florida
The Rev. Canon S. Suzanne Peterson, Diocese of Iowa/
Diocese of Grahamstown, So. Africa
The Rev. Canon Dr. Titus Presler, Diocese of Vermont/
Diocese of Peshawar, Pakistan

Class of 2019:

Ms. Martha B. Alexander, Diocese of North Carolina
The Rev. Ángel R. Rivera Rodríguez, Diocese of Puerto Rico
Mr. Robert Harris, Diocese of Western Massachusetts
The Rev. Dan Layden, Diocese of Northern Indiana

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